Personal Injury

One of the most dramatic experiences in life is surviving an injury.

Whether it is a broken bone, slip and fall or suffering from medical malpractice, you will need help.

First and foremost, deal with the injury, seek medical help, go through therapy and rehabilitation, and obtain legal advice. It is just as important to look out for your financial future as it is to deal with your healing. Worrying for your ability to pay medical or other bills will add to your anxiety and fear.

We at the Senter Law Firm approach all personal injury with zeal and care. We will review all the available evidence, question all witnesses, and request all medical records. If needed, we will engage experts and reconstruct accidents. Determining and developing liability is an essential part of what we do. We are ready to convince a jury or an adjuster, a judge, or an arbitrator that the negligent party should compensate our clients. Every case is handled as though it is going to be tried, and as a result we settle many cases in pretrial negotiations.

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