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Frequently Asked Questions

1How much?
Please feel free to call and schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys to discuss your legal dilemma. We currently charge $50.00 for a one (1) hour consultation. If you hire our firm, that $50.00 is applied to your case. If you do not hire our firm, we retain the fee as a consultation fee.
2What kind of law?
The lawyers of the Senter Law Firm are versatile in the large array of legal subjects. The areas listed under the Practice Areas tab are our areas of utmost expertise. However, we have acquired proficiency in such areas as Family Law, Criminal Law, Contractual Negotiations and Interpretations.
3Which court?
Many issues can be resolved or determined differently depending on where you are. The Commonwealth of Virginia, the State of Tennessee and, Federal Courts have independent sets of law. As it may be, a contract could be signed in Tennessee yet be governed by the laws of Virginia. The lawyers of the Senter Law Firm pay special attention to such things because the answer to your questions or the outcome of your case will differ depending on the controlling law.
4Where can we meet?
The lawyers and staff of the Senter Law Firm will make appropriate arrangements to accommodate your needs.
5Can the results be guaranteed?
Any legal matter, be it litigation or negotiations, formation or separation, is subject to many variables and therefore it is difficult to predict the outcome of any issue presented. We therefore cannot and do not guarantee the outcome.
6What is there to do?
One of the most difficult things a person faces is the decision on how to react to an inordinate situation. Most importantly: calm down, relax, and do not make any rash decisions based on limited information. In most instances, the answer is simple, but requires help of a professional with specific knowledge. So calm down, loosen up and contact us. We stand ready to answer your questions and deal with your problems.