Criminal Law

You don’t have to face criminal charges alone.

The RIGHT to a have a competent counsel is where the attorneys of the Senter Law Firm excel.

We are here to make it our business to ensure that our clients are protected and given respect that they are due. The Senter Law Firm attorneys fight for the rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights relentlessly and vigorously. Those rights are FUNDAMENTAL, ESSENTIAL and NECESSARY.

Criminal law involves prosecution by the government of a person for an act that has been classified as a crime. Too often law enforcement takes their duties too far thus violating rights that are guaranteed by the United States Constitution as well as the Constitutions of Tennessee and Virginia.

The Right against unreasonable search and seizure is not just a sound bite, it is fundamental and is at the core of American Values. The Right not to be held to answer for a crime without presentment or indictment to a Grand Jury is not an empty promise, but is essential for a country where due process and the rule of law is paramount. The Right to a speedy trial and against double jeopardy is necessary for the protection of the people against government excesses.